Teachers’ comments:

  • Every teacher needs to attend a “Joe” workshop!

  • You’ve made me a better teacher.

  • I can see a major adjustment in my
    thinking. Tomorrow WILL look different in my classroom.

  • Folks are still talking about your authenticity, your deep knowledge, and your attitude of service to kids.

  • Joe was a very interesting and dynamic speaker. He is a teacher first and a presenter second.
    For me, this translated into ideas that I could relate directly to my classroom immediately. I really appreciated his honesty.

  • Please bring Joe Stouffer back. He is amazing...He did an excellent job of teaching us adults!!

  • Yours was the best session of the whole conference! (2012 Canadian Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Conference, Richmond Hill)

  • I wish your session was longer -I got so much out of it for my classroom.
    (2018 Canadian Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Conference, Winnipeg)

  • Joe Stouffer is an excellent presenter. He provided a good balance of learning, reflecting, and collaborating with our colleagues.

  • I’ve been to three sessions on [running record analysis]. You just explained this more clearly in five minutes.

  • Joe was an amazing presenter. He provided relevant examples for my grade level, was research based, took to break down complex things for us, and really showed a passion for improving student literacy skills.

  • I was amazed at how at ease you were working with my students. They loved working with you. They keep asking me when you’re coming back.

Principals’ comments:
  • Joe did a tremendous job coaching our staff. They used terms such as: inspiring, nonjudgmental, practical, easy going and productive.

  • Excellent at what he does.

  • It was refreshing to have someone demonstrate techniques that actually work with children.

  • The classroom results are a big highlight of our year. Early in the year, one of our teachers turned you away from the classroom and I can remember being worried and having conversations with you about it. You reminded me that it's all about baby steps and you were right. She worked with you in grade groups, observed your work in classrooms, and had you in the classroom. Shortly after your writing residency, she took the plunge into guided reading (and some guided writing). Today was a celebration for children in her class and for her on the growth that's happened this year which I believe you played an incredible role. Thank you Joe for all your work with our staff this year. While, I recognize we have a long road ahead of us as a school with literacy, this is truly something worth celebrating!

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